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Our Company

 Veritech Mfg. & Wholesale was founded over 10 years ago by Bob Bignell.  It is a supplier of unique tire and automotive products that you cannot find anywhere else.  We constantly are growing our list of products and services available to our customers as we continue to ensure our customers receive quality products at the the lowest prices.


Our Staff


Veritech Owner and President 30 years in the Tire Supply Industry

Bob is Executive Director of the Ontario Tire Dealers Association and Tire Dealers Association of Canada. He is also Chairman of the Tire Industry Association Executives, a group of tire dealer Executive Directors representing the state and provincial associations.  Bob is Vice Chair of Workplace Safety Prevention Service’s Vehicle Sales and Service advisory committee.  Bob is co-producer of the Commercial Vehicle Wheel Service program which is the certification program legislated by the Province of Ontario. He is also a certified instructor under the Province of Ontario Commercial Vehicle Wheel Service course. Bob started out in the industry selling tire repairs and wheel weights from a van in the early 80’s. After about a year, he was brought into the office to work on development of sales territories in Ontario and eventually across Canada adding equipment and alignment supplies to the mix. Bob has worked with various companies developing distribution and tire repair lines in Canadian and International settings.