Cheetah® Bead Seater - 60 Gallon

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The CH-60C Cheetah® Bead Seater is designed to be used to seat the bead on large tubeless tractor and off highway tires. The CH-60C can seat the bead on large tires in either vertical or horizontal position.  The dual discharge barrels can be easily adjusted to handle 24″ to 54″ wheel diameters. The adjustable discharge barrels are able to fit over the wheel weights on rear farm tractor tires. Farm tires can be mounted while the wheel and tire assembly are mounted to the tractor.


  • 60 gallon storage tank
  • Adjustable dual discharge barrels
  • Tractor tire stand #6411
  • 10ft Air hose
  • Discharge hoses

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Box Quantity: 1pc